Snackios is proud to be celebrating 20 years as the pioneer and originator of the thinnest and crispiest pita chips in the marketplace.

In 2003, the Nazarian family came together forming Nazarco Inc. - a baked goods manufacturing company built on the foundations of heirloom recipes and traditions passed down from one generation to the next. Our brand of products were created from a multi heritage background of Armenian, Lebanese and Greek roots and proudly American and made in New Jersey.

Initially, the driving brand of the company was Best Pita. - an authentic, brick hearth baked Lebanese thin style pocket pita breads.

Soon after, Best Pita led to the creation of Snackios Pita Chips - a premium, twice baked, handmade, thin and crispy snack, available in craveable flavors.

All of our seasonings are prepared in-house, made using the highest quality ingredients from mother nature. Additives, Preservatives and flavor enhancers are never used, only natural goodness! The difference can be tasted with every bite.

With the developement and fast paced growth of this line, Best Pita is now exlusively made for the production of Snackios Pita Chips.

Satisfy your cravings with Snackios!

Snackios offers the widest selection of 8 Craveable Flavors for the discerning customer who appreciates the finest quality pita chip in the marketplace!